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Advisory Members 

The Purpose of Advisory Members

Advisory members are a volunteer group formed to give advice and support to FONHARE's board of directors and executive staff. Advisory members may contribute to FONHARE in many ways. Advisory members can be an organization we are partnered with or a particular donor.

Personal Characteristics of Advisory Members

  • Ability to: listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group, and provide constructive feedback.

  • Willing to: prepare for and attend board meetings, ask questions, share ideas, opinions, and experiences, and open doors in the field.

  • Possess: honesty, openness to differing views, a friendly, responsive, and patient approach, engagement skills, personal integrity, a developed sense of values, and concern for and interest in FONHARE programs’ development.

Role and Responsibilities of Advisory Members

  • The advisory members, board of directors and executive staff will work together to ensure that FONHARE´s programs are having positive impact in the communities we serve in Haiti.  

  • Advisory members could contribute to involve prospective donors, offering them a forum to give advice as well as donate.

  • Advisory members will fundraise as well as bring fundraising strategies to board of directors and executive staff.

  • Advisory members will also serve as ambassadors to our humanitarian programs providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and ideas with members of a broader society.

  • Identify and present opportunities of partnership with industry, colleges/universities, schools, Churches, NGOs, foundation, government agencies, etc...

  • Advisory members are agreed to respect FONHARE´s mission and vision.

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As an advisory member and partner of FONHARE, CORA Physical Therapy -- to include their 1,800+ employees and 200+ outpatient physical therapy clinics in nine U.S. States -- pledges their full support to the humanitarian services of FONHARE in Haiti. CORA and FONHARE share a similar vision to serve everyone in making rehabilitation services affordable to the most vulnerable and impoverished people. Philosophically, CORA is an extension of FONHARE in the U.S. and FONHARE is an extension of CORA here in Haiti. Our mission, our principles, and our morals align as does our deep passion and desire to serve everyone. Together, our reach is global. It transcends geographical boundaries near and far. Together for the best! 

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