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Acting to Leave No One Behind in Covid-19 Humanitarian Response in Haiti 

Valued partners of FONHARE in this inclusive effort to Covid-19 Response include:


Disabled people are among the most vulnerable to covid-19 and nevertheless even basic preventive hygiene gestures such as ¨hands washing¨ are not accessible to them, in crisis periods they are often forgotten by humanitarian actors. 

In fact, to overcome this challenge the target beneficiaries of FONHARE´s covid-19 inclusive response including households with a person with disability as head of family, single mother family with disabled child, household with disabled member and unemployed parent, household with elders and unemployed children. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and some households in really vulnerable settlements. So, without a specific response and awareness raising to foster a mainstreaming of inclusion in the humanitarian response to covid-19 they will be left behind and get excluded. In that sense, we need to enforce their resilience and ability to support the national quarantine and this wise decision will help to reduce the spread of covid-19 among this vulnerable group. 



  1. Message awareness accessibility, FONHARE adapted the official message on prevention of Covid-19 to be understood by people with all kinds of disability. The messages were launched out and reached out the most difficult zones (areas).  

  2. To enforce the resilience and ability to support the national quarantine and confinement, a large number of households from the targeted above are being assisted with the primary food and hygiene items. 

  3. We build and install hand washing stations accessible to households to promote access for people with disabilities to basic preventive hygiene gestures such as hand washing during Covid-19. In addition we are building ramps in quarantine and confinement centers to be accessible for everyone (Universal Accessibility). 

  4. Humanitarian actors, local authorities, governmental institutions and civil society organizations are sensitized and trained on universal accessibility standards and inclusive principles in their action through the ZOOM video platform.  

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