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Tackling the Issue

There are many ways to support FONHARE and the work we do in Haiti.  We welcome all donations, no matter the amount, to help with our general operating expenses. For example, know that: 

  • With $5 per month, you provide drinking water for patients and staff for 1 week. 

  • With $10 per month, we gain gasoline in the 3-wheeled motorcycle for 1 week to facilitate the free transport of the poorest children in the center and the movement of staff to the homes of some patients who live in extreme poverty.  

  • With $50 per month, a vulnerable patient receives 6 therapy sessions for free during the month. 

  • With $100 per month, a vulnerable patient receives 12 therapy sessions for free during the month.

  • With $400 we can help a disabled person or a vulnerable woman to start Goat farming in the countryside and become self-sufficient economically. That´s inclusion! 

  • With $800 we can help a disabled person or a vulnerable woman to start his/her own business in town, receive the related training and become self-sufficient economically. That´s inclusion!  

  • With $1000: Provide a community in rural northern Haiti with a one-day Mobile Clinic. For many in these communities, a FONHARE Mobile Clinic is their first opportunity to receive medical care and rehabilitation services.   

  • With $2,500: Provide training for our clinical staff for one year, which includes workshops, materials, and follow-up evaluations. 

  • With $6,000 we can help 500 impoverished children from primary school in FONHARE´s partner communities with all the supplies needed to start the school year on the right foot. This includes books, uniforms, shoes and school supplies.  

  • With $10,000: Participate in a service-learning trip to Haiti for 1 week (8-10 people) and see the impact of your investment in action. This cover hotel, food, transport, touristic tour, Haiti´ story & culture, etc.  

  • With $20,000 we can help to make 10 public buildings handicap accessible through FONHARE´s Universal Accessibility Program. Two steps at a time, creating living wages for masons and building inclusive-resilient society.   

  • With $450,000: build and equip a new FONHARE´s extension to another city making Rehabilitation Services accessible and affordable to the most vulnerable and impoverished people, helping us to achieve the GOAL toward a national coverage.  

These amounts are only what is an example but any donation is welcome. For more information, please contact us by submitting your information below. When making your donation, please specify where you wish your funds to be directed.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” 


- African proverb

FONHARE choose to go far, but with you! 
Your donation today helps FONHARE help the People of Haiti tomorrow.

Thanks for submitting!

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