Goodwill Ambassadors

In FONHARE Goodwill Ambassadors are selected among widely recognized talents with a demonstrated ability to reach out to significant audiences, possessing the personality and dignity required for such high-level representation, and influential beyond their national borders. However, for now this is not always the case, at least for some international Goodwill Ambassadors who are not known worldwide. But they have the interest, the dedication, the availability and the fame to reach big audiences, the effectively help FONHARE to achieve his goal in Haiti.

Goodwill Ambassadors are generally designated for a term of two years, renewable indefinitely and are automatically extended at the end of each two-year period. The title they hold is symbolic or honorary, or the title is used as a means to boost their image.

Roles and Responsibilities of Goodwill Ambassador 

  • Goodwill Ambassadors help to raise awareness of our work by attending events to talk about our work and encourage others to get involved in fundraising activity.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors thank our supporters for the work they are doing.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors will fundraise as well as bring fundraising strategies to board of directors and executive staff.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors can officially represent FONHARE, identify and present opportunities of partnership with industry, colleges/universities, schools, Churches, NGOs, foundation, government agencies, etc.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors are agreed to respect FONHARE´s mission and vision.

Fanny Bringualt 

Pierre Devos

Mathias Doornaert

Mathias Doornaert

Richadson Louius

Laura Dewin