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Goodwill Ambassadors

In FONHARE Goodwill Ambassadors are selected among widely recognized talents with a demonstrated ability to reach out to significant audiences, possessing the personality and dignity required for such high-level representation, and influential beyond their national borders. However, for now this is not always the case, at least for some international Goodwill Ambassadors who are not known worldwide. But they have the interest, the dedication, the availability and the fame to reach big audiences, the effectively help FONHARE to achieve his goal in Haiti.

Goodwill Ambassadors are generally designated for a term of two years, renewable indefinitely and are automatically extended at the end of each two-year period. The title they hold is symbolic or honorary, or the title is used as a means to boost their image.

Roles and Responsibilities of Goodwill Ambassador 

  • Goodwill Ambassadors help to raise awareness of our work by attending events to talk about our work and encourage others to get involved in fundraising activity.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors thank our supporters for the work they are doing.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors will fundraise as well as bring fundraising strategies to board of directors and executive staff.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors can officially represent FONHARE, identify and present opportunities of partnership with industry, colleges/universities, schools, Churches, NGOs, foundation, government agencies, etc.

  • Goodwill Ambassadors are agreed to respect FONHARE´s mission and vision.

Fanny Bringualt 

My name is Fanny BRINGAULT, I am a physiotherapist graduated from the Institut Parnasse-ISEI in Brussels in June 2017.

I knew about FONHARE thanks to Pierre DEVOS who realized his last year internship at the foundation. His stories made me want to make myself useful and discover the FONHARE and Haiti community. In September 2018, we decided together to go there as volunteers. An experience of 4 months that we are far from forgetting.

We took care alongside with the FONHARE team the patients suffering mainly from stroke, road accidents, and children with motor and neurological disorders. Being there, I realized how much FONHARE helped the community and that the request for care was important. During our visit to the foundation, we also participated in home visits, as well as awareness campaigns on the inclusion of people with disabilities in schools. I thank Dr. Ivens for appointing me GOODWILL AMBASSADOR, my teammates and I take this role very much to the heart.

Pierre Devos

I am Pierre DEVOS, physiotherapist graduated from the high school Leonardo da Vinci in Belgium in 2018.


I am currently working in a physiotherapy practice in France with patients with various pathologies.

I discovered FONHARE during a stage that aimed on interdisciplinarity with occupational therapists during my last year of study. Having learned a lot during my internship at the foundation and admiring the work of FONHARE in the Haitian community, I decided to return for a period of 4 months with Fanny BRINGAULT. We enjoyed our experience in Haiti and decided to support FONHARE from France and Belgium. Thank you to Dr. Ivens LOUIUS, Leslie and the staff of FONHARE for their welcome in the team as GOODWILL AMBASSADOR.

Mathias Doornaert

I am a young physiotherapist graduated from a high school Parnasse-Isei of Brussels (Belgium).

I did an internship at FONHARE during my studies and it marked me to the point of returning to Haiti after my diploma between February and July 2019.

I practice several sports, interested in the animation of children, passionate about social issues and especially through ecology and development cooperation.

I took part in the ambassador project because I believe in the power of collaborations between the countries of the North and those of the South.

Mathias Doornaert

Richadson Louius

My name is Richadson LOUIUS, MBA. I was born in Haiti on September 13, 1987. After my classical studies in my native country, I came to the Dominican Republic where I received my degree in Diplomacy and International Relations at the Catholic University Santo Domingo (UCSD) and my thesis entitled “Characteristics of Digital Diplomacy and its impact on current diplomacy; 2011 ”was recognized as“ Finalist for the Cardinal Veras Rojas Research Prize ”. I presided over the Association of Diplomacy and International Relations Students of the UCSD. I have a master's degree in Business and International Economic Relations from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. In addition to other studies such as International Rights at the University of the Basque Country, Spain. I am a polyglot and co-author of Monik Kreyòl-Spanish Dictionary. In addition, author of more than a dozen articles published in national and international media.

I am a professor at the Institute of Higher Education in Diplomatic and Consular Training (INESDYC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic and Director of International Relations and Languages ​​of the Institute of American Management and Leadership Training (IFGLA). I have lectured in institutions such as the School of International Relations of the Catholic University of Santo Domingo, the Pontifical Catholic University Madre Maestra (PUCMM), the National School of the Judiciary, National School of Migration, Churches, among others on International Relations, Linguistics, Leadership and personal growth. Parallel to my teaching work, I am an official of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). I serve as a member and analyst of the Observatory of Dominican-Haitian Relations of the Dominican Council of International Relations. In addition, I am the General Director of the Haitian Center for International Relations for Development (CHRID).

I am honored to receive this distinction of Goodwill Ambassador from the Haitian Rehabilitation Foundation (FONHARE), an institution which during its short existence has been able to mark and positively change the lives of so many people with disabilities and which has been presented as a global inclusion model by the United Nations at the World Disability Summit in 2018. I receive and assume the role of Ambassador with the purpose to help FONHARE to understand the needs of people with disabilities, to present its efforts and positive results that positively change lives and to look for donors and volunteers to enable the institution to fulfill its mission of rehabilitation and reintegration. Our beneficiaries rely on you!

Laura Dewin

I graduated in physiotherapy since September 2018 from the high school Parnasse-Isei of Brussels (Belgium). Pediatric physiotherapy is my area of choice. I worked 5 months volunteering at FONHARE. This experience has allowed me to grow and develop personally and professionally. I have since been interested in development cooperation.

My hobbies are reading, sport and discovering other cultures through exchange with locals.

I take the role of ambassador for FONHARE in Belgium very much because I believe in the concrete actions of this foundation very much at heart.

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