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Impacts & Recognition of FONHARE

  • In a monthly basis, the attendance of beneficiary for rehab-care services is over 650 in the clinic sitting and in addition 30 disabled individuals of the most vulnerable receive treatments, trainings and adaptation in their homes improving their autonomy facilitating inclusion and building resilience in the community.   

  • Since 2014, FONHARE has become a training institution for international universities by developing partnership for global health experience and internships for physical therapy and occupational therapy schools with one university in the United States, one university in Belgium and five universities in France, the supervision is well framed by local staff.

  • In December 2017 FONHARE received the “ACCESSIBILITY AWARD” for his efforts in this area. 20 institutions are made accessible by FONHARE in addition to negative behavior changes about disabilities.

  • In July 2018, The United Nations (UN-OCHA) presented FONHARE as a “Model for inclusion” at the World Disability Summit held in London. Read more about the World Disability Summit here

  • In December 2018, FONHARE was invited by the United Nations (UN-OCHA) and participated at the Global Humanitarian Policy Forum in the 2018 World Summit on Humanitarian Policies held at UN Headquarters, NY -->

  • In the area of ​​advocacy 2,500 students were trained / sensitized on universal accessibility and the promotion of respect for the rights of disabled people, inclusion of children with disabilities in school system and in the handicap prevention.

  •  For the economic emancipation, 50 disabled people benefited from economic support through animal (goats) in rural areas and 10 persons through small businesses in urban areas. And 171 young people were trained on leadership and inclusive entrepreneurship.

  • In the area of ​​Inclusive Emergency Response, 6200 people of the most vulnerable people were assisted including 1646 men, 1609 women, 1079 boys, 1161 girls and 705 disabled people post hurricane Irma that hit Haiti in 2017.

  • During the past 7 years FONHARE was able to influence local, regional and national authorities and NGOs stakeholders positively on inclusive approach and dis-aggregated data on disability.

  • In the sporting field, FONHARE supports Ouanaminthe Footbal Club (OFC), the OFC players receive a specialized treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries completely free in FONHARE.

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