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Our Collaborative Partners

The Groups Who Help Us Help You

At FONHARE, we wouldn't be able to do what we do and provide the much-needed services we do without the help of our amazing partners!


We want to take this chance to thank everyone behind the scenes. Your partnerships and efforts are so encouraging to our team and patients here at FONHARE, and we want to show our gratefulness for you all.

We are thrilled to have your support and time as we continue to serve and grow. Your donations and efforts will continue to help us along this amazing journey of healing and caring for our patients. From us at FONHARE, thank you!

Bronze Level: $100 to $1,500 monthly or $1,200 to $18,00 annually

  • University of New England


Silver Level: $1,501 to $5,000 monthly or $18,012 to $60,00 annually

  • CORA Physical Therapy

Univ of NE.jpg

Bronze Level: $25 to $99 monthly or $1300 to $1,188 annually

  • Cindy Cochran

  • Jeanne Vanmairis

  • Dawn Roberts

  • Susie Zeiger

  • Melissa Brown

  • Brian Greer

  • Marie-Simone Fleurant

Silver Level: $100 to $499 monthly or $1,200 to $5,988 annually

  • Dustin Mitchell

  • Sandra Barton

Gold Level: $500 to $999 monthly or $6,000 to $11,988 annually

Diamond Level: $1,000 & more monthly or $12,000 & up annually

  • Eric Fly

  • Cathy Donahoe

  • Dixie Mitchell Fly

  • Mateny Orius

  • Ivens Louius

  • Gary Benjamin

  • Bellamour Antoine

Technical Partners

Technical Partners.jpg

We Thank You!

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