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Universal Accessibility

One Step at a Time

FONHARE operates a Universal Accessibility Program that addresses exclusion, discrimination, and inequality of opportunities for all citizens. We work with local business, government, and religious leaders to eliminate barriers by building ramps and making public areas accessible. As a result of FONHARE’s initiatives, there are now ramps to the city park, church, hospital, schools and courthouse in Ouanaminthe. With encouragement from FONHARE, the local Catholic church also constructed a ramp so patrons could access their facility. The Advocacy for inclusion and Universal Accessibility work hand in hand to improve the quality of life for the thousands of people affected by paralysis and other conditions requiring them to rely on wheelchairs. These programs also increase the trust and visibility of FONHARE in the community, raise awareness regarding disability, and demonstrate our achievements in fighting for the rights of disabled people in Haitian society. FONHARE has been instrumental in the tide of change that is sweeping Haiti.

Our goal is to break down with negatives attitudes on disability, by creating awareness, building access, facilitating inclusion and constructing resilience into society. For the coming year we want to touch 5,000 individuals (youth, adults and stakeholders) and make 10 institutions handicap accessible. We invite you to join us to improving lives together, please visit the ¨get involved ¨ page to know more about how to be involved.


100,000+ Lives Touched

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